The process of Linking the Blocks and storing currency

Linking the Blocks

Before starting with Linking the Blocks, in the last session, we learned the basic outline of how exactly a typical cryptocurrency transaction is carried out. The background process of the transactions and the security features that ensure the safety of the data were also looked upon briefly. Linking the Blocks – Time Stamp and Block … Read more

Executing Transactions in Blockchains – A detailed knowhow

Executing Transactions in Blockchain

To Executing Transactions in Blockchain, we look into, Executing an Addition Transaction Security encryption of the transaction Hashing and rehashing for security In the last session, we started of with a simple transaction for Crypto in Blockchains. Today, we look into the factors and the elements that participate in a transaction and help in its … Read more

Transactions in Blockchain – A detailed knowhow

Transactions in Blockchain

To understand Transactions in Blockchain, we look into, Transactions in Blockchain – Basic Outline. How exactly is Transactions in Blockchain carried out? Transactions in Blockchain – Block Creation. Initiating a New Transaction. In the previous session, we discussed in brief the components that are involved in any Blockchain Technology along with how these components shape the … Read more

Different Components of the Blockchain Technology and roles – Session 5

Understanding Blockchain Technology

In the last session, we took a peek into the basics of Blockchain Technology and the very basic components that constitute the technology. Today we learn about the Components of Blockchain Technology as we delve a little deeper into the more complex aspects and try to understand what these components actually do and the part … Read more

Understanding Blockchain Technology from the scratch

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Before we look into Understanding Blockchain Technology, lets just recollect the basics of any financial transaction, be it with individuals or institutions, which requires a certain amount of trust to be exercised by the stakeholders. For example, in banking, an individual or a societal body would select a particular banking or financial entity as the … Read more

Blockchain Types and Features – Session 4

Blockchain Types and Features

On this session of Introduction to Cryptocurrency, we take a close look at Blockchain Types and Features. This session will cover the types of Blockchain available and their characteristics. What are the 4 types of blockchain? Public Blockchain Private Blockchain Hybrid Blockchain Consortium Blockchain Blockchain Types and Features: Public Blockchain As the name suggests, a … Read more

Blockchain Basics in Cryptocurrency – Session 3

Blockchain basics

Blockchain basics deal with the definition of the blockchain technology to begin with and how the technology is implemented in Crypto Blockchain is a decentralized database that is shared among computer network nodes. Transactional data from numerous sources may be readily collected, integrated, and shared using blockchain cloud services. Data is divided into common blocks … Read more

5 Best Digital marketing stages of 2023 to earn online money

Digital marketing

Digital marketing adapts to changing customer needs and market conditions. However, the steady stream of brand-new marketing fads to make your job even more difficult. Top institutions of marketing like, Facebook and Google algorithms change several times a year, which can render your SEO tactics obsolete if adaptation to the changes are not adhered to. … Read more

WhatsApp discontinued for few smartphones from 31st Dec, 2022

WhatsApp support discontinued

WhatsApp support discontinued for about 47 smartphone models as confirmed by the concerned officials. The models include a few old and models of the concerned phone categories. These phones will not receive any further application updates going forward. The WhatsApp releases are actually a set of software applications that ensure enriching user experience and stability. … Read more

Gautam Adani Said- India to add 1 Trillion to its GDP in 12-18 months

Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani, Asia’s richest man, claimed credit indicators at his corporations are improving and a better knowledge of his quickly growing conglomerate would alleviate any concerns about its borrowings. “I was taken aback by the discussions regarding our debt,” Gautam Adani stated this late Wednesday in an interview with a local news station. Over the … Read more

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