Desktop Shortcuts on Mac in the easiest possible ways

Shortcuts provide quick and effective ways to explore and navigate various options like accessing applications, files, folders, etc. The desktop shortcuts enable quicker navigation and details of the steps that can create the same are always effective on a GUI-based Operating System. The simplest techniques for creating desktop shortcuts on Mac are detailed below:

Desktop Shortcuts On Mac

1. Creating Desktop Shortcuts on Mac for Files and Folders

  • Launch the Finder
  • Select the File or the Folder for which the Shortcut needs to be made
  • Right Click to Choose to Make Alias

Desktop Shortcuts On Mac

  • The Alias file or folder should then be dropped on the Desktop

Desktop Shortcuts On Mac

  • The Alias can then be renamed as per wish.
  • To view the original of the Alias, the shortcut can be right-clicked and then Show Original needs to be clicked.


2. Creating Desktop Shortcuts on Mac using Drag and Drop

  • Navigate to the concerned file or Folder
  • Press option (⌥) + Cmd (⌘) and drag the item to the desktop.

Desktop Shortcuts On Mac

3. Creating Desktop Shortcuts on Mac for Applications Folder in Mac Finder

The application folder shortcuts have to be differently arranged for shortcuts with respect to the Files and Folders.  The process is much shorter with respect to creating the shortcuts for Files or Folders

A. Creating website desktop shortcut on Mac

A website shortcut allows navigation to the webpage with the ease of a click without digging through bookmarks or typing the URL in the address bar.  Following the below-mentioned process can get the job done:

  • Open the browser.
  • Open the concerned website
  • Resize the browser window to make the desktop visible.
  • Select the URL in the address bar.
  • Drag and drop the selected URL on the desktop.

B. Creating Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

  • Navigate to System Settings
  • Select Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts


4. Creating Chrome Shortcut on Desktop

  • Click on Finder -> Applications
  • Select Chrome -> Option+Command  and then drag it onto the Desktop

In any OS, be it Windows or Mac, there can be multiple ways to do a particular job, but the most convenient ones have been discussed above.


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