Catastrophic Tornado in US kills 32 as per latest updates

Catastrophic Tornado in US kills 32 in the South and Midwest on Sunday as per the latest casualty reports from the media. The tornado, that hit the South coast on Friday brought with itself ravage and destruction throughout the Southern states along with the Mid West like Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana etc. Reports confirm that quite a few residents of the city of Wynne in Arkansas died after the storm split them in half manifesting the magnitude and impact of the Catastrophic Tornado in US.

Catastrophic Tornado in US
Catastrophic Tornado in US

Catastrophic Tornado in US – The trail of destruction

Even though tornados are not really a stranger to the United States, especially in the Southern and Mid-West states, however, the one that hit the coastal and Mid-West states on Friday and continued till Sunday left behind a massive trail of destruction. The untimely storm caught the residents of these states on the wrong foot as it unleashed its fury during these 3 days. Even the southern plains in the US were also a victim of inclement and untimely weather conditions, which seem to be increasing with every passing day as a direct or indirect result of global warming.

Catastrophic Tornado in US – Conformation from authorities

The Mayor of the city of Wynne in Arkansas, Jennifer Hobbs confirmed that “We’re just going to need all the help that we can (get) to help these families recover.” About 100 miles southwest, another person died in North Little Rock. Even the County Mayor of Tennessee in McNairy County Larry Smith said in a media interaction, the storm “crossed our county completely from one side to the other,” Sheriff Guy Buck told CNN Saturday evening as authorities continued to search collapsed buildings.

Disaster Management teams are working round the clock to ensure normalcy is restored at the earliest in states that have been affected by the Catastrophic Tornado in US, especially in the states of Indiana, Illinois and Eastern Iowa. The current news of the death toll in Tennessee alone rose to 15 till now and the rescue teams confirm that they might be able to uncover a few more deaths as a result in the pursuit.

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