BJP MP Tejasvi Surya opens emergency door on the flight

Flight fiascos have been making news of late. Starting with urinating on a fellow passenger in International flights to opening the emergency door during a flight, airlines are having a tough time dealing with unruly passengers, mostly the aftereffects and the outrage in the media. As the airline staff tries their best to balance things, somehow or the other the news gets public, drawing uneasiness and embarrassment for the authorities. The latest in the count is the BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, who opened the emergency door of the plane while passengers were onboarding.

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya
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BJP MP Tejasvi Surya: Opening the emergency door

In continuation with the urination fiasco, where a fellow 35 year old executive of Wells Fargo urinated on a fellow septuagenarian passenger apart from displaying his private parts to her while being drunk, BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, had opened the emergency exit door during the flight. The incident happened about a month ago, on December 10th, last year but came to light only recently when the airlines authority failed to initiate any stern action, and the Member of Parliament got away with just a mere verbal apology. Indigo Airlines flight No. 6E 7339 from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli was onboarding the passengers when the incident happened while the plane was on the tarmac. According to sources, it was just an accident when the concerned had actually rested his hand on the door, the gate opened up automatically. As per the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) norms, the plane went through mandatory engineering checks after the incident before the flight took off, resulting in a delay due to the process.

The aftereffects

The opposition party leaders were quick to encash on the incident as they issued statements condemning the BJP MP Tejasvi Surya act, almost as soon as the news went public. A Congress spokesperson commented, “Tejasvi Surya is an example of what will happen if children playing games are given the proprietorship. An act of children’s mischief by trying to open the emergency exit door of the plane has come to light. Why prank with the lives of passengers?”

However, even though the news is already public, the Indigo Airlines authorities remained unavailable for comments.

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