Better Morning Routine for the body and mind to begin your day

As the saying goes, “Morning shows the day”, a superlative beginning can help in drawing the plans for a superlative day. The two main ingredients for planning such a day can be a healthy body and a healthy mind. Just like the Greek saying, “Mens sana in corpora sano” that dates back to the first century BC, the saying is still as much relevant in today’s life and still holds the key to a Better Morning Routine, shaping the path for the day ahead. A few tips to follow in order to shine bright not only in the morning, but throughout the day can be:

Better Morning Routine
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Better Morning Routine: Shaping the body and Mind

Wellness of the health and mind are an integral part of a positive day, every single day. The best way to achieve the same is by starting by ensuring that the body and mind are at its positive best Physical work out routines synchronized with mental wellness exercises is the best possible way to achieve the same. Starting with a few deep breaths as soon as we open our eyes in the morning after a good night’s sleep could be the best way to start off. It ensures infusion of positive energy into the body and minds and prepares us for the day ahead.

Eating Healthy

Another important part of the Better Morning Routine would be our diet. What we eat shapes not only our body but also has an equally important effect on the mind. A good and healthy breakfast constituting essential carbs, minerals and nutrients like, oatmeals, nuts, berries that are full of antioxidants can shape the day ahead by fuelling the body to counter the day’s hardships.

Penning down the thoughts

Time permitting, penning down our thoughts can be an effective mental exercise that can help in clarity of thoughts. Even if for a few minutes, if time can be spent on the same, it can shape our minds to counter the challenges we face daily with utmost strength.

After a tiring day, just before we retire, mental peace and planning out for the challenges that lies in the forthcoming day, can be an effective way to prepare one’s own self for it. Activities like preparing the routine for the day, finishing up on the daily chores to ensure nothing is left behind or carried forward, followed by some gentle music and sound sleep can be the perfect recipe to gear up for the upcoming day.

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