Avantika Malik dating rumors after her divorce with Imran Khan

After parting ways with Imran Khan, nephew of the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan, his estranged wife Avantika Malik took to Instagram as she shared her pics with rumored boyfriend Sahib Singh Lamba and her daughter Imara Malik Khan. From the captions, the pictures are said to be of the Christmas and New Year celebrations from last month. It is evident from the pics that the rumored couples are pretty close sparking Avantika Malik dating rumors with Sahib Singh Lamba.

Avantika Malik dating rumors
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Avantika Malik dating rumors: Not for the first time

The recent pics shared by Avantika of her personal moments with her rumored beau, do go back a few months for its very first instance, when in October 2022, she had shared pics of the couple on Sahib’s birthday. The duo was seen to be enjoying each other’s company in a very domestic setting. Also, the social media handles of their friends do reveal that the couple is sharing their happy times be it at the birthday bash of their friends or during Diwali last year. Trusted sources do reveal that the duo has been together for quite some time now and are enjoying each other’s company adding the authentication tag to Avantika Malik dating rumors.

Leaving the past behind

Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran has married to Avantika almost 12 years ago in 2011 and they welcomed their daughter Imara 3 years later. However, after an 8 years of marriage in 2019, the couple decided to part ways but went public with the news only last year after a lot of deliberation. It is however worth mentioning that Imran and Avantika knew each other since childhood and almost grew up together. Hey fell for each other when they were in their teens and after a long courtship, decided to tie the knot. The duo however are currently separated but haven’t yet filed for a divorce. Reports say that, even though they don’t stay together, warm greetings are exchanged in case they bump into

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