Apple Maps offline usage steps in Apple devices with iOS 17

Apple Maps is being unveiled in a new shape and form as per the reports emerging from the WWDC Keynote 2023. An authorized spokesperson from Apple has confirmed that apart from the other features, the application would also facilitate offline map support as well. In this article, we take a look into the detailed process of using Maps online on Apple devices running on iOS 17. Hence, just like Google Maps, Apple Maps too can be downloaded so that it can be used offline for future reference by the users.

Use Apple Maps Offline

Apple Maps download process for offline use in iOS 17

Detailed below are the steps for downloading Apple Maps for offline use:

  1. Open the Apple Maps on the phone.
  2. Click on the Avatar and then select Offline Maps.
  3. Select Download New Map.
  4. Search for the concerned region for which the map needs to be used after downloading.
  5. After notifying the storage space of the phone, the map can be downloaded after selecting the download option.

The maps would be automatically updated with the latest changes or modifications once the phone goes online. In order to initiate the same, the Automatically Updates option should be enabled.

Advantages of using Apple Maps offline

  1. Offline Apple Maps can help in resolving issues related to locations even if the user is in a no-Internet zone as well since the map has already been downloaded on the phone.
  2. If the user is within the perimeter of the saved map, exploring the various modes of transport can be practiced using the map offline.
  3. The maps can also be used from the Apple Watch, once the map has been downloaded offline on the phone as well. However, the watch and the phone need to be within the permissible range.

Offline maps support on Apple Maps has been one of the most requested features. Now, with iOS 17, users can enjoy offline navigation on Apple Maps, which was limited to Google Maps up until now.


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