Important Tips You Must Know While Growing Marijuana At Home

Being a consistent buyer of marijuana due to your chronic pain or just for smoking on the weekend can cause you to spend a lot of money. As an inexpensive and sustainable alternative, you can start growing your own marijuana at your indoor or outdoor. Marijuana has been legalized in many states of the US because of its medicinal and healing properties. If you have obtained the license to harvest marijuana legally, it is important for you to learn the techniques of growing and cultivating recreational marijuana because if you don’t have experience in growing marijuana you may waste a lot of money and it can also lead you to complete loss. Growing Marijuana at your Home Garden requires some definite techniques and is more complicated than harvesting any other normal vegetable seeds.

However, with Marijuana Home Gardens, growing marijuana has never been so simple. Whether you want to cultivate marijuana at your Outdoor Grow House, or in a Backyard Grow Hut, there is no need to get innumerable expensive stock. Our complete Outdoor Grow Kits contains everything you need. This Veteran Grow Kit is an all-in-one solution for growing marijuana at your Outdoor Grow Hut.

Marijuana grow kit contains:

  • Seeds
  • Tent cover
  • Seedling
  • Bloom
  • Germination kit
  • PK boost

When to harvest marijuana:

Marijuana or any other seed is usually a warm season annual seed. So, if growing outdoors can usually harvest between September and November in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whether the marijuana plant is ready to harvest or not is depends on 2 factors:

Stigma: It is the hair-like strands which cover the buds. The stigma will turn to orange from white and will start to curl in revealing the soil underneath.

Trichrome: Trichome heads turn to turn amber/golden indicating the highest level of THC and CBD. It signifies that the marijuana is ready to harvest.

Premium quality seeds are required:

The perfect marijuana seeds are essential for you if you are focusing on the high-quality harvest. We offer you premium marijuana seeds with feminized and auto-flowering strains. Our strains have proven to produce weed of high quality, taste, and effect. No matter which variety you choose, our Backyard Grow Kit contains handpicked and sustainable marijuana seeds which will surely you the very best cannabis.

How to store the seeds:

Marijuana seeds are expensive, so you should know how to store the seeds properly so that they will be viable for use. Our good quality seeds usually last longer. But how long they will stay depends on your care and storage.

The fact is thatthe germination rate of Marijuana seeds naturally reduces with time.However, you can store them over years if you know to follow the proper storing way. The seeds need to be high-quality and should be stored in a refrigerator preferably in a dry and dark place.

High quality soil is essential:

The secret of growing the best marijuana plant also lies in the soil that you use at your Veteran Med Hut.  The soil must contain mulch, worm castings, mycorrhizae, Pumic acid, leaf mold, greensand and other naturally occurring seed amendments.

Equipment needed to harvest marijuana:

  • Trimmers and scissors for trimming buds
  • Pruners
  • Gloves
  • Comfortable chair and area
  • A clean surface, like a table
  • Trim Tray/bowl and a clean surface

Buy your complete marijuana growing kits:

Having your own Grow Kits will eliminate all the issues that come with growing marijuana at home. Unlike most of the other kits available in the market, we provide all the essentials require from germination to harvest. We understand that while growing marijuana, you will come across many questions. Send us all your queries. We are excited to answer all your queries so that you can start harvesting your own weed today.